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Who is this award for?

All businesses with a Quebec enterprise number (NEQ) are eligible. Candidate companies must complete the registration form.

It should be noted that to avoid any conflict of interest, companies or organizations that are financial partners of Fondation Émergence will not be selected.

Primary objective

Encourage different companies to adopt practices and/or policies on diversity, inclusion and equity for LGBTQ+ people.

Price Description

This award aims to highlight an equity, diversity and inclusion initiative in business that has made the workplace more inclusive and respectful of sexual and gender diversity. The company must have demonstrated its ongoing commitment to advancing the principles of diversity, equity and inclusionwhether inside or outside the organization to promote the well-being of people from the LGBTQ+ communities and their loved ones. Commitment can materialize through initiatives aimed at raising awareness, training, making recruitment more inclusive, etc.


  • Have one or more initiatives in place in your organization with your staff to make your workplace more inclusive and respectful of sexual and gender diversity and its impact on the sustainable inclusion of LGBTQ+ people. If possible, tell us about the positive effects that this/these initiatives have had.

  • Demonstrate how the company stands out from other industry players or initiatives in diversity and inclusion for LGBTQ+ people and their loved ones.

Examples of initiatives

By completing your application form, we invite you to reflect on the notable initiatives you have put in place to promote the inclusion of LGBTQ+ people and their loved ones in your company, whether within your staff or in relation to your customers. .  

Here are some examples of interesting initiatives that could inspire you: 


Addition of a field of pronouns and the mention Mx. in the White House contact form ( 


Toilets included:  

In 2022, on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights made all of its bathrooms inclusive. The fact that the washrooms are inclusive is clearly indicated in the building with signs at the entrance to the washrooms that include an explanation and a QR code that links to the Museum's code of conduct. The information is also listed on their website.  



Sending the form
Make sure you have filled in all the fields of this form
Sign this form and save it
Gather all the required documents
Submit your application by email to

Date limite : 19 mai 2023


Thank you, we'll get back to you shortly!


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